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Office Mopping

Cleaning services

Attention to detail

There is nothing better than working in a fresh and clean environment.

Cleaning your office, apartment complex or business premises in North Holland? You have come to the right place for cleaning and cleaning maintenance of offices, apartment complexes, and/or all your other (business) spaces. Always based on a professional working method.

Daily and periodic cleaning

Would you like to have the daily cleaning in the Hoorn/Zwaag and surroundings taken care of professionally? Just like in the rest of the Netherlands, we provide cleaning services in offices, nurseries, apartment complexes and healthcare institutions. We always provide on-site cleaning in collaboration with our customers. We draw up a clear cleaning schedule, on the basis of which we carry out the cleaning in your office, school, apartment complex or healthcare institution. Of course we give good advice, but above all we listen to what your wishes are and will act accordingly.

Delivery cleaning

Are you looking for a cleaning company that can carry out a cleaning service for you? We can also be of excellent service to you with this. We will visit you once for a thorough cleaning, after which we can provide you with periodic cleaning if desired.

Would you like to receive more information or make an appointment directly for cleaning your office, dental practice, apartment complex or healthcare institution in North Holland or the rest of the Netherlands? Contact us.

Professional services

What we do

Bathroom Cleaner


Cleaning your office, apartment complex or business premises in North Holland? You have come to the right place for cleaning and cleaning maintenance of offices, apartment complexes, and/or all your other home or business.  spaces.

Specialist floor maintenance

Floor maintenance is very important for the quality of your floors. Floors have to endure a lot. Every day, a lot of shoes, heels and perhaps wheels go over it. In addition, factors such as dirt and moisture can cause wear. You want to make a good impression with your business premises, and then the floor is very important. With the specialist cleaning of you can maintain your floor.


Deep cleaning sanitary facilities

Hygienic clean and fresh sanitary facilities are a basic requirement for any professional organization. Your guests and employees are happy to assume that the toilets and any other sanitary facilities are well maintained. But over time, inaccessible and less visible places become (strongly) polluted.  ont is happy to take care of your sanitary facilities by carrying out deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning kitchens

A hygienically clean kitchen forms the basis for responsible meal preparation. The requirements that the legislator sets for professional kitchens are therefore very strict. Despite your efforts and attention, there is a good chance that dirt will accumulate in places that are difficult to reach. Bacteria often multiply behind equipment, against tile walls and inside extractor systems.

Clean Kitchen

Window cleaning (Interior)

Washing windows is not part of your company's core business. Moreover, the streak-free cleaning of the glazing is laborious and a real profession.  offers you a total solution with which your windows are always crystal clear. We give your property the representative appearance it deserves in a safe and effective way.

Carpet and furniture cleaning

Carpeting and upholstered furniture provide a warm appearance to your business premises. If carpets and floor coverings are soiled, they unfortunately damage the image of your organization. Dust and dirt particles are also often the cause of health complaints and allergic reactions. Simply vacuuming – certainly after a longer period of time – is often insufficient for business premises and areas that you use intensively.

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Cleaning office equipment and computers

You expect office equipment and hardware to work. There is nothing more annoying than a printer that malfunctions or a computer that goes down. Especially if this happens at times when you are busy. Due to intensive use  contaminates equipment faster than you might think. Dirt and crumbs collect in keyboards. And how about bacteria and viruses that collect on computer mice, printers and telephones.


An (internal) move always results in cleaning activities and often also odd jobs. Where necessary, we first clean the 'new' space before you have it furnished. When the mover is ready in the 'old' building / home, will take care of it  that you leave it neat and clean. We also carry out all common jobs efficiently and professionally. This way we take care of all the worries surrounding the move.

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